An Overdue Introduction


So I’ve been on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program for 1.5 years and finally decided to start a blog. I suppose it’s better late than never! Originally from America, I joined JET through the Houston consulate in 2013. Later posts may discuss the application process (long, grueling, anxiety-provoking thing that it is), but I’ll leave out the details until then. I kept my placement requests vague–  I asked for the Kinki, Chubu, or Chugoku region, in that order. I ended up in Chugoku, in beautiful Shimane Prefecture along the coast. In fact, you can see the Sea of Japan from my front door.

Prior to JET, I had no teaching experience. I’d graduated from college about 3 months before coming to Japan, and, aside from volunteer work and temporary tutoring, had only worked in campus multimedia tech support. (Teaching professors how to tell whether their computer is on or off doesn’t quite count.) Now, I rotate between seven elementary schools and pay monthly visits to a small class of junior high students who can’t or won’t attend normal school. We play a lot of games. Classes aren’t always smooth, but I’ve learned so much about teaching techniques and strategies that I’ve become infinitely more comfortable and confident in the classroom setting.

In my spare time I’ve participated in community events (both the Japanese and AJET communities), joined a club at the local university, studied Japanese, explored Shimane, and done lots of traveling.

This blog is ostensibly about my experiences in JET/Japan, so there’ll be plenty of that. …But musings about books, global affairs, and who knows what else will probably also sneak it. Thanks for checking it out!


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